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whether you’re craving for gourmet food from the most elite restaurants or street food from the more affordable local shops.
To the outsider, Dubai is popularly known for luxury skyline filled with skyscraper, flashy luxurious cars, high-end malls, and spectacular jewelry. But the locals know that there is a plenty things that completes all that jazz food.
Our Best guide for Casual fine dining restaurants in Dubai. With all the best choices easily available to travelers, it’s obvious to miss out on the best ones.
So here is a guide to finding the best casual restaurants in this Cozy cosmopolitan city.
widely diverse population of Dubai has increases over time, It has become a culinary melting pot.
Dubai boasts an array of delectably delicious fare influenced by different cuisines all over the world. Dubai all have it here, So what are you looking while being in one of the greatest food paradises of the world?
So let’s begin Dubai Food Safari it must be devouring the best bites from every part of the globe.
Here is insider-dubai guide to the top 10 best casual restaurants in Dubai for you.

1. Farzi Cafe

For The Best Delicious and Authentic Spanish dishes.
Dubai is hit by means of molecular gastronomic storm in the form of Farzi Café by Zorawar Kalra, a popular native restaurant chain of India, with innovation at the heart of the organisation, Farzi Café came up with a branch in Dubai first Farzi Café outlet is situated at City Walk in Al Safa.
What makes their menu unique is their modern twist on Indian cuisine takes your palate by surprise when you eat a single bite. But what makes Farzi Café even more special is their local dishes getting a morden Farzi twist.
Taste their shawarma biryani and special in their menu ‘Tempura Fried Prawns’, with the ‘Lemon Chilli Foam’ is an amalgamation of textures, creamy yet crispy, with the lemon chilli foam vanishing as it hit the tongue leaving behind a pleasant flavour.
Lastly, try the deconstructed ‘Shephard’s Pie’, which had juicy cubes of beef with a side of creamy mash potatoes. Their stylish décor might be a lovely foil for a special event like Special Occasion.
It will do splendidly for a smart ultra-modern décor. The use of muted gold enhanced by the ample light gives the décor a star-studded feel.
The upside down pots hanging from the ceiling and the original back-lit wall add to the appeal.
Insider Dubai’s Tips All dishes are uniquely presented, filled with an array of flavours, making it a memorable eating experience you can start your meal with a complimentary ‘Amuse Bouche’ to tantalise your palate and set the spirits for the meal to follow and end your meal with the Jalebi Caviar and the Ras Malai Tres Leches are famous among the dinners.
What to order: shawarma biryani, Shephard’s Pie, Tempura Fried Prawns, Amuse Bouche and Jalebi Caviar and the Ras Malai Tres Leches are the must try one’s.
Price Range: 130AED – 500AED ($35.39 – $136.12).
Opening hours: Daily 10AM – 11PM.
Where: City Walk, Al Safa and Al Wasi Road,  intersection, Al Safa Dubai.

2. Fika

With focus on health and wellness enjoy “Coffee and cake break” 
FIKA brand new restaurant at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The Fika word is drive from Swedish as a “coffee and cake break “, being inspired by the philosophy of chilling out your day to enjoy food, drink and good company, with focus on health and wellness.
The celebrations kick off on Christmas Eve, Countdown to 2020 NYE at Dubai’s Fika. the new swish restaurant boasts prime views of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and its famed fireworks show.
Are you ready for New Year’s Eve celebration with mesmerising views of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah? Yes i’m in
Fika, the latest restaurant from chef Izu Ani behind some of Dubai’s most popular restaurants including GAIA and Carine, but the new swish restaurant is already planning to rock the NYE celebration an even swisher way to welcome in 2020.
Enjoy spectacular views of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, which is popular for its extravagant New Year’s Eve fireworks show, so get ready to jump in the new decade with a mouthwatering menu and with Fika’s resident special DJ spinning your head in round top tunes.
Their special menu will include some of chef Izu Ani’s signature dishes features foie gras terrine and a selection of delectably delicious seafood including tuna otoro with Oscietra caviar and charcoal-roasted lobster and there’s array of featuring Mediterranean-inspired dishes.
which are built to share and divided between Cold Mezze, Hot Mezze, Raw, From The Sea, Homemade Pasta, Mains and Sides.
Starting with Smoked Purple Aubergine Salad (82AED), Wagyu Tataki (130AED) thinly-sliced wagyu beef was rich in flavour and served medium rare.
And the Spanish Octopus (145AED), which is glazed with chili citrus and served with a creamy coriander emulsion, Charcoal Grilled Baby Chicken very tender and juicy (175AED), and not too sweet and heavy hot Flourless Chocolate Mousse (55AED). 
What to order : Tuna Otoro with Oscietra, Foie gras terrine, Charcoal Grilled Baby Chicken, Caviar and charcoal-roasted lobster,Spanish Octopus and Hot Flourless Chocolate Mousse desserts. 
Price Range: 130-1,500AED ($35.39-$408.36).
Opening hours: Daily 7AM to Midnight. 
Where: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Umm Suqeim,  Dubai – UAE. 

3. Casa de Tapas

For The Best Delicious and Authentic Spanish dishes.
Casa de Tapas at the Dubai Creek Yacht Club, you can find a rustic Bodega-style restaurant that is very similar to those found in Madrid. You don’t need to go all the way to Madrid to have a slice of taste of Spain.
For the best selection of paellas and tapas, Since all of their chefs hail from Spain, one can expect delicious and authentic Spanish dishes from Andalusia to Galicia.
The restaurant has menu full of a hand-picked selection of traditional Espanol food. Delicious Paella de mariscos and Paella de Fideua are highly recommended from great foodies. 
There is one special dish in their menu Paella de Fideua because it is made by using angel hair pasta instead of rice. Also in line Shrimp and squid ink complete the dish – the unique deliciousness that you will not find outside else in Dubai.
Anyone can truly indulge to enjoy sips of Espana’s traditional sangria with hot and cold tapas while listening to great Latino music.
Once you dine at Casa de Tapas, you might find yourself wanting to stay there a bit longer to having amazing view because the restaurant overlooks the Dubai Creek that is full of ships docked at the pier. This expirence will give you more touristic feelings.
What to order: Paella de fideua, Paella de mariscos, Labina a la sal, Salpicon De Pulpo, Paletilla de cordero de avila al horno, Sangrias
Price Range: 15 – 50 AED ($4.00 – $13.61) for tapas; 80 – 99 AED ($21.78 – 26.95) for Paella; 25 – 40 ($6.81 – $10.89) for desserts
Opening hours: 16:00 – 02:00 (Sun to Thu); 12:30 – 02:00 (Fri)
Where: Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, opposite Deira City Center, Garhoud, Dubai.


For The Best Authentic Lebanese Food In Dubai.
It is originally a restaurant from Beirut, Lebanon that serves authentic Lebanese food. This pretty name came from the owner’s name. The inspiration for opening a restaurant come from her grand mother.
Leila has opened her own restaurant after years watching her grandma cooking and mastering making all the traditional Lebanese dishes.
The restaurant offers excellent service and knowledgeable and friendly crew members who will give you all the needed information about their broad menu.
Their exceptionally delicious good food, affordable prices, and lively and bright interiors, what else can anyone ask for?
Their’s no wonder, the restaurant is always packed with foodies. One would also be delighted to know that this restaurant lasts till midnight. So you can get your hungry stomach a good treat even at the ungodly hours.
There is one dish in their menu is getting much hype from all the diners who have eaten there is Pesto Ras Asfour It is made with a small chunks of meat that prepare with basil sauce and crispy French fries go with it.
The dish is simple yet creative and very flavorful. Other delicious recommendations are Spicy kibba, Osmalliet, Hommos, Ghazal Beirut and Samboosek.
In Dubai, foodies will never find a better Lebanese restaurant than that of Leila’s.
What to order: To keep best in mind one can order their Kebbah Sajiyyeh, Samboosek, Pesto ras asfour, Halloumi grilled cheese, Spicy kibba, Hommos and one of my favorite Osmalliet.
Price Range: 40 – 99 AED ($10.89 – $26.95)
Opening hours: 08:00 – 01:30 daily
Where: Clarens Tower, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
How to get there: To get their go through Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard at Downtown Dubai and look at for the Clarens Tower.


For The Best Delicious and Authentic Italian food in dubaicity 
Sapori de Bice an award-winning restaurant is well known for serving the best and authentic Italian food in city.
They use fresh and organic ingredients in their kitchen. The restaurant also offer a lot of gluten-free products that health buffs would absolutely love.
It is difficult to choose out just one to recommend from the menu because every dish is really good. Do not skip the freshly baked bread that comes with various appetizing dips.
Other highly recommended dishes are their delicious Ravioli, Osso Buco, Pizza, Truffled carbonara and Burrata bresaola (creamy Burrata cheese served with Bresaola, cherry tomato, rucola and balsamic vinegar dressing.)
For dessert lovers, one should go with any of their cakes. They will all make your sweet tooth a happy treat.
Sapori de Bice is one of the places you will go back and treat yourself alongside loved ones to every now and then will want your whole family to try.
What to order: Cavolo Riccio, Ravioli Massaia, Buratta with Bresaola, Pizza
Price Range: 40 – 50 AED ($10.89 – $13.61) for starters; 38 – 65 AED ($10.35 – $17.70) for pizzas; 50 – 63 AED ($13.61 – $17.15) for pastas
Opening hours: 08:00 – 23:30 daily
Where: City Walk, Al Safa & Al Wasl Road Intersection, Al Safa, Dubai
How to get there: Take a cab to Jumeirah Beach Residences. You will find it at City Walk Avenue Mall on Al Safa and Al Wasl Road Intersection.


For The Best Delicious and Authentic Spanish dishes.
Dubai dinners who dine here enjoy the LED musical performances with delight meal front of the world’s biggest dancing fountain.
The restaurant proud go offers its enormous menu covering dishes from east to west, and from north to south. Don’t be surprised if you would see staff bringing their best-selling bowls of Malay curry, plates of sushi and Kung Pao chicken.
Social House believes that eating should be a social gathering, thus the name refers. The tables and chairs were specifically put close together for enhance the diners’ social skills. But if one just wants to savor his food with close friends or family members, the restaurant has a VIP private room.
Top hand-picked menu is their fish and chips – two large pieces of juicy and tender fish in an unbelievably crispy batter with a zesty homemade tartare sauce. Portuguese breakfast chorizo, mixed sausages, poached eggs and potatoes stewed in rich paprika sauce and Thai green curry continue the list.
This East-meets-West restaurant is perfect for group dining as it has something for everyone. Surrounded by stunning views of The Dubai city.
What to order: Dynamite shrimp, Halloumi salad, Mustard marinated salmon fillet.
price/pax: AED 70 ($19.00)
When: 10:00 – 00:00 (Sun to Wed); 10:00 – 01:00 Thu to Sat.
Where: Social House is located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
How to get there: Take a cab to Dubai Mall and go to the mall’s lower ground level. The restaurant is located between the Star Atrium and Dubai Fountain.


For The Best Delicious and Authentic Spanish dishes.
For one of the best breakfasts in town, complete with heavenly homemade desserts
Bystro (Bistro) is a casual family-friendly restaurant that serves delicious homemade breakfast and desserts in awesome “bistro” style.
Rerestaurant has a just-nice-sized menu. To taste their best in menu, you should try the sensational coffee or leaf teas and pair it with Italian zeppole or Banoffee French toast with hot Nutella Sauce.
Bebeetroot hummus looks too good to eat and surprisingly tastes good as well. One would not mind getting out of bed early for this.
Another must-try is their sticky barbecue ribs that you may have for lunch or dinner. The secret method behind their flavorful meals is that the chefs use a Josper charcoal grill for all their vegetable and meat dishes.
It is an appliance used by the best restaurants around the world to give out nice texture to the dishes and maintain the juiciness and tenderness of the meat.
What to order: Bystro Brisket Hash, Shakshouka, French Toast, Crispy battered fish, Huevos rancheros, Tuscan pastries, coffee and leaf teas
Price Range: 30 – 58AED ($8.17 – $15.79) for breakfast items; 44 – 88AED ($11.98 – $23.96) for lunch and dinner items.
Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00 (Mon to Thu); 08:30-22:00 (Fri to Sat); 08:00-17:00 (Sun)
Where: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Manara, Dubai
How to get there: Bystro is located opposite to Times Square Center, near Al Manara. You can take a cab going to Sheikh Zayed Road to reach out to this amazing restaurant.


Head out for dumplings heaven in modern Chinese Style Cuisine.
For the best dumplings, roast duck and other modern Chinese-style Cuisine. Even as a first-time Dubai visitor, one has probably heard of Din Tai Fung.
Because it has over 100 branches in the US, UK and East Asia, including the one with Michelin star in Hong Kong.
This branch in Dubai may be odd in its interior decoration, but their Chinese-Taiwanese fare excellently makes up for it.
Just do not go there with already grumbling tummies. It is best that you visit this dumpling heaven before your hunger pangs come out.
The reason is you have to join the long queues of diners waiting to have a taste of their impeccable dishes in this restaurant. Not to worry because once you get seated, everything else will be quick.
Take your pick from their wide variety of tasty dumplings. The Xiao Long Bao are noteworthy, particularly the crab and chicken Xiao Long Bao.
Their Hong Kong style roast duck is a hot selling dish in their menu which is just as scrumptious! And all these come in very inexpensive prices.
Fill your stomach to the brim without breaking the bank.
What to order: Stir fried morning glory, Crab and chicken xiao long bao, Hong Kong style roast duck, Szechuan shrimp and chicken wontons
Price Range:  20 – 80 AED ($5.45 – $21.78)
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 daily
Where: Level 2, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
How to get there: Take a cab going to Mall of the Emirates. Din Tai Fung is at the Level 2 Expansion.


Craving For the best Mediterranean dishes?
BOCA is an Award winning Best European Restaurant in Dubai by timeoutdubai.com in 2016’s, Boca is well known restaurant that serves mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine. It is hard to miss because it is located at the heart of Dubai’s financial center.
There are days that you just want to have food that is not so complex. Sometimes the best things come in the simplest form anything that Boca serves you will be enjoyed.
For starters, they offer unbelievably fresh Cauliflower and hazelnut salad (black truffle dressing, heart of lettuce) must try it.
For your main dishes, order the flavorful black rice and seared scallops (aromatic clams, Bottarga) and grilled squid (dried Piquillos pepper, mixed sautéed greens, salsa verde).
Then cap off your meal with their raspberry-flavored Mascarpone crème brulee.
Overall, Boca will give you a amazing dining experience without draining your wallet.
What to order: Lobster roll, Air Dried Beef, Boca potato chips, Black rice and seared scallops, Socca de nice and Grilled Octopus.
Average price/pax: 100 AED ($27.23)
Opening hours: 12:00 – 24:00 daily
Where: Near Dubai International Financial Center, Gate Village 6, Dubai, UAE.
How to get there: Take a cab to Dubai International Financial Center. Boca is at Gate Village 6 near the DIFC parking.


Craving For some of the best Japanese dishes in dubai then you’re at the right place!
Craving For some of the best Japanese dishes in dubai here is insider Dubai’s best recommendation for your empty stomach. The word “Atisuto” means in Japanese is “artist” and is just reflects throughout the restaurant so with all the lovely elements adorning the place.
Once you get entered in the restaurant, you would feel like you’re entering a very modern cultural world with large paintings, graffiti art and so much more. They welcomes their customers in their traditional way.
With nearly hundreds items on their menu, it might be difficult for one to choose from. If you move your eyes to the items written in red since these are their signature dishes.
Their all-time favorite is their chicken gyoza (five dumplings delicately huddled together in one gyoza wrapper paired with spicy ginger-garlic sauce).
A bowl of steaming ramen is good to share with a friend or loved one’s. And finish your meal with their delicious dessert with soft, dense and heavenly Japanese cheesecake.
Setting and having authentic Japanese food that Atisuto offers you, one will think that this is quite expensive here but it is totally worth a trip, and worth every penny, too!
What to order:  Chicken gyoza Ramen bowl, delicious Japanese cheesecake.
Price range: 30 – 70 AED ($8.17 – $19.06)
Opening hours: 10:00 – 24:00 daily
Where: Galleria Mall, 400 ground floor, Al Wasi Road, Dubai
How to get there: Take a taxi going to Al Wasi Road between the Emirates Post Office and Emirates NBD where Galleria Mall is located. Then Go to the mall’s ground floor at retail shop no. 2.
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