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Dubai Skydiving has grown in popularity over the years, and with world-class facilities, stunning skydive locations and experienced instructors.
It has cemented its place as one of the leading skydiving destinations in the world. Where else do you get the options to skydive on to a massive desert expanse or the most majestic of all man-made islands – the Palm Islands

Outdoor skydiving :

Outdoor skydiving is what the professionals would describe as the “real” skydiving. You take a flight up to a great height and jump, with all security procedures in place.
While newcomers to the sport experience tandem skydiving (fastened tightly and securely to an instructor), licensed jumpers can go for a solo jump.

Indoor skydiving :

Indoor skydiving, on the other hand, is the simulation of true free fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel.
As the name refers, this type of skydiving does not involve any natural elements.
It’s the perfect starting point for young ones and those who haven’t had their first experience.
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