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For The Best Authentic Lebanese Food In Dubai.

It is originally a restaurant from Beirut, Lebanon that serves authentic Lebanese food. This pretty name came from the owner’s name. The inspiration for opening a restaurant come from her grand mother.
Leila has opened her own restaurant after years watching her grandma cooking and mastering making all the traditional Lebanese dishes.
The restaurant offers excellent service and knowledgeable and friendly crew members who will give you all the needed information about their broad menu.
Their exceptionally delicious good food, affordable prices, and lively and bright interiors, what else can anyone ask for?
Their’s no wonder, the restaurant is always packed with foodies. One would also be delighted to know that this restaurant lasts till midnight. So you can get your hungry stomach a good treat even at the ungodly hours.
There is one dish in their menu is getting much hype from all the diners who have eaten there is Pesto Ras Asfour It is made with a small chunks of meat that prepare with basil sauce and crispy French fries go with it.
The dish is simple yet creative and very flavorful. Other delicious recommendations are Spicy kibba, Osmalliet, Hommos, Ghazal Beirut and Samboosek.
In Dubai, foodies will never find a better Lebanese restaurant than that of Leila’s.
What to order: To keep best in mind one can order their Kebbah Sajiyyeh, Samboosek, Pesto ras asfour, Halloumi grilled cheese, Spicy kibba, Hommos and one of my favorite Osmalliet.
Price Range: 40 – 99 AED ($10.89 – $26.95)
Opening hours: 08:00 – 01:30 daily
Where: Clarens Tower, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
How to get there: To get their go through Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard at Downtown Dubai and look at for the Clarens Tower.
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