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Anyone new to this metropolitan city would surprise to know that taxi fares in this luxury city are very affordable.
so no need to bargain with the taxi drivers because they always use the taxi meters. No wonder, Dubai taxis have tan bodies and color roofs (red/yellow/blue/green/pink) same as other countries have in common.
But there is additional pink-colored taxi and as its symbolized the pink-colored cabs have female drivers and allow family and female passengers only. 
you’ll see plenty of them running on the streets. Anyone can easily take a taxi in front of hotels and malls.
Taxi fares: start from AED 1.75/km (USD0.48). and the minimum taxi fare is AED 12 (USD3.27). The fare for a short trip of (10km) will cost you not more than AED 17.5 (USD4.76) quite affordable.
Availability: 24 hours
Note: Insider’s money saver tips, if you want to cut your taxi fare cost then stay away from the hotel taxis and limousines. They can be expensive because they are not regulated by official rates.
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